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Wild Boar? How about Wildly Delicious!

Hey all! It is March and spring is on its way. That means more walkies, more park trips, and St. Patrick’s day. Mom and dad have Irish ancestors, so I get to celebrate the guy who according to legend got rid of those pesky snakes in Ireland.

How is my look? Too much?


This month we had lots of things to choose from. First you will hear from me, then later this month Icky Kitty will talk all about Fussie Cat food. He is pretty excited about that.

I have heard lots of good things about Canidae brand dog food and treats, so I decided I would give their treats a try. I picked out Canidea Grain-Free Pure Wild Boar and Cherry chewy dog treats.


These treats also come in the following flavors: Sweet Potato & Duck, Rabbit & Kale, Turkey & Apple, Bison & Pumpkin, and Trout & Pomegranate.  What a great mix of protein and fruits/veggies.

We figure it was time to broaden my protein pallet and try a new member of the animal kingdom out. It was tough choosing between bison and wild boar. In the end, wild boar was chosen. I absolutely love rabbit, duck, and turkey, but who wouldn’t want to try wild boar? (side note, the wild boar makes us think of an old movie called “The 12 Tasks of Asterix” )

The treats are grain free and contain zero corn, wheat, soy, or fillers. They are made proudly in the USA. This flavor has 25 calories per treat, but can easily be broken up to make smaller pieces for those watching their calorie intake.


It is the perfect size for me, but smaller dogs may need them to be broken into smaller pieces for easier consumption.

It was really hard to wait to take the treat from moms hand. It smelled so good and I wanted it in my mouth to see if it tasted as good as it smelled. I was not disappointed. It was delicious. Mom let me have 4! I was not too happy when she put the bag away. I think I could have eaten the whole bag in one sitting. They are chewy treats, so pretty easy to chomp. I only made a small mess on my bed, unlike the mess I usually make when I eat crunchy treats.

These treats are definitely a keeper. They are everything I want in a treat.  Tasty ingredients, limited amount of ingredients, no fillers, and they are made in the USA. I cannot wait to try the Bison flavor. Are these the best treats ever? They might be. I went crazy for them.  These treats get four paws up and a tail wag. They were that good!

Mom wishes they had a smaller calorie count, but that is normal with her. Always looking out for my well being and my weight. She does like that they have lots of options when it comes to flavors. She also likes that all the ingredients for each of the flavors are similar except when it comes to the protein and the fruit/veggie. She is looking forward to getting me other flavors to try out.

If you want to look at the other flavors of these treats, then click here.

Don’t forget to look at everything else that Chewy.com has to offer. They have just about everything your pup needs or wants.

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A Dandy Treat or a Way to Make a Meal Complete

It is a new year and we are hoping this year will be pawsome! We haven’t gotten much snow yet, which is lame. I am a snow dog, I need some snow! What is the point of getting fancy and stylish sweaters if you cannot wear them? Crossing my paws we get one good snowfall so I can do proper zoomies.

You know what is great after some proper snow zoomies? A protein filled snack. This month, there were lots of great choices to review. I decided that I wanted to try out a food topper. This food topper is from Wellness. I have tested out their treats before and they have always been pretty tasty.

This months selection is called Wellness Core Simply Shreds. The simply part means that it contains limited ingredients. It comes in four different flavors. Chicken, Beef, and carrots; Chicken, Salmon, and Pumpkin; Tuna, Beef, and Carrots; Chicken, Chicken liver, and Broccoli. I picked out Chicken, Beef, and Carrots.


It contains five ingredients! Just five! Chicken, Beef, chicken broth, water, and carrots. It is made with no grain, meat by-products, wheat, corn, soy, artificial flavors, colors or preservatives It does not contain potatoes, so pups with allergies can enjoy a tasty snack or meal topper. It comes in a tear away pouch, so it is super easy to feed as a snack or to top your food.


Each pouch of this flavor contains 47 kcals. Some of my chewy treats contain that many calories if not more.  So after a long walk or even one of our 5k’s, this is a great way to refuel. It is packed with protein and the carrots give us beta carotene to help protect against cataracts and heart disease.

As the name implies, the meat is shredded, so it can get all mixed in with your dry food if that is what you choose to do. I prefer to just have it right on top.


You can see the tasty chicken, beef, and carrots. The broth went to the bottom of the bowl and I went straight for that, after I ate all the topper of course. Mom wasn’t sure if I would be okay with liquid added to my dry food. I did not like when she added goats milk to my food. I did not have any issue with the broth.  I loved it. I moved my dry food around, so I could lick up all the broth.

I gobbled up the chicken, beef, and carrots pretty fast. I might have growled at one of the kitties for trying to get close to my tastiness. It is so tasty that everyone wants to have a bite. It is not a full meal, so it should only be used as a topper or a treat. We need to make sure we get all those essential vitamins and minerals we need to keep us healthy and happy.


Each of the different flavors contains 5 ingredients. This is the type of snack that mom and I both like. I like it because it is super tasty and mom likes the limited ingredients. She much rather give me a pouch of this, then a chewy.

I really liked these pouches. After two days of having it top my food, I was pretty much demanding that she add it to my food or else I did not want to eat it. Produce the goods lady.  It is a nice change to have wet food on top of the dry food. She did lessen the amount of dry food that she gave me to make up for the calories contained in the pouch. Even though I am not on a diet anymore, I still maintain a steady amount of calories per day. I would prefer to stay off the chubby puppy food.

After seeing how tasty this flavor is, I hope I get to try out the other three flavors. I give this meal topper/treat four paws up. Have your human get some ordered today. You wont regret it!

You can check out more info on the other Simply Shreds here.

Don’t forget while your there to look at everything else Chewy.com has to offer.


***************we received this product at no cost to us in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts and opinions are mine and mine alone*****************


Wobbling fun

I really love eating and sometimes when I eat, I tend to scarf it down so fast that I get threatened with a slow bowl. Slow bowls are weird contraptions that force me to slow down so I can have a proper meal without getting sick. The slow bowls are kind of annoying. It takes me forever to eat. This month, we saw that we could try out this Kong toy that wobbles back and forth. It dispenses treats or food. Mom figured it would be a fun way to have me eat.


The Kong Wobbler has a weighted bottom and wobbles to and fro. If I smack it down, it just goes right back to standing up tall. If I hit it just right, food/treats fall out. It is amazing! The large Wobbler holds a cup of food. Perfect for me since right now  I am fed 3/4 cup twice a day.

First off mom showed me the bag of treats and then put some of  them in the Wobbler. She set it on the ground, then let me investigate. I sniffed it and realized that it had some yummy smelling stuff in there. I smacked it a few times and realized it moved around.



No matter how many times I knocked it down, it just got right back up again. I kept hitting it, then saw treats fall out. I gobbled them up and then kept smacking it until I knew that it was empty. Once it was empty I lost interest.


I really liked this toy. I got treats and was able to get a little exercise. Working off the treats while I eat. I like that concept. I did get a little mad when I hit it enough times it got up against a wall and I could not get it to move away from there. Once mom moved it away from the wall, I was back in business.

The next time she let me use it, she filled it with my nightly ration of food. It took a very long time to eat dinner, but I had fun while eating, so I did not mind too much. I just kept smacking it around until no more crunchies were rolling around in the  Wobbler. I preferred this over my slow bowls. It added an element of fun to meal time instead of a lot of frustration.

On to some technical stuff. It has a weighed base, so it is pretty heavy. Mom has yet to see me lift it up and try to throw it down the stairs which I do to most of my other treat dispensers.It seems to be made of pretty strong material. The top screws off so it can be refilled. It is dishwasher safe, but has to go on the top shelf. This is not a chew toy, so make sure you are watching when we have Wobbler time.

Mom gives this two thumbs up and I give this four paws up. This is a treat/meal dispenser that I would recommend to anyone who wants some fun while eating or needs to slow a pup down who is a speed eater.

You can watch the Kong Wobbler in action on my  Instagram page here

The Kong Wobbler can be found here There are two different sizes. Small for dogs up to 25 lbs and large for dogs over 25 lbs.

Visit Chewy.com for lots of other great products. They have super fast shipping and excellent customer service!

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Keeping it raw and tasty.

Christmas has come and gone. It was a pretty good holiday for me this year. I got to spend extra days with my hoomans, eat some table scraps (My diet is still happening. I heard that dogs need the extra padding during the winter, so an extra bite here or there cannot hurt me too much.), got new toys, and sent some cool bandanas that mom made to the shelter I came from. Winter in the Midwest generally means we get to freeze for a few months, before busting out the extra water bowls and start wishing it was winter again.

Speaking of things that are frozen, my favorite food has freeze dried raw pieces of chicken in the bag. Right now, I cannot have that yummy food, because of the diet. Raw freeze dried bits of meat is tasty and a nice snack. Mom likened my love of the raw bits to a kid eating all the marshmallows first from a bowl of cereal. I pick out all the raw bits first, then eat the kibble.

This month we had quite a few options to choose from to test out. One in particular caught my eye! it was a freeze dried raw treat. Choosing that one to test out this month was a no brainer.

This months selection is from a company called Stewart Pro-Treat. They make lots of different freeze dried treats and even treats for ferrets! They are made in the USA, which works for us. There are only a few countries that we trust to get our treats from, the USA of course is one of them.


They are called Stewart Pro-Treat Raw Naturals Real Beef with Berries and Flaxseed.

The ingredients are  Beef, beef hearts, beef liver, ground beef bone, broccoli, carrots, romaine lettuce, beef kidneys, apples, flaxseed, salmon oil, apple cider vinegar, blueberries, cranberries, inulin, dried kelp meal, potassium chloride, sodium chloride, dried dried ginger, dried parsley, dried garlic, zinc proteinate, iron proteinate, copper proteinate, manganese proteinate, mixed tocopherols (a preservative), rosemary extract, Vitamin E supplement, Vitamin D supplement.


There are more ingredients then we usually like in a treat, but there are lots of good stuff that has been added to make them a healthy treat. The first four ingredients are all beef! They are pretty serious about making sure they have beef inside. They of course have to make sure I get my fruits and veggies. I am happy to see that peas are not listed. (down with peas)

img_1609The ones I tested are perfect size for me. They are not too big or too small. They could work as training treats for dogs my size or bigger. Each treat contains 8 kcals. It is more then my 5 kcal limit, but I am testing them out, so we can bend the rules a bit. I liked these from the moment they passed my cute doggy lips. I ate all three of those treats in seconds.

Stewart Pro-Treat only uses the best human grade ingredients. Just because they use human grade ingredients, does not mean you can have some. These are just for us canines. They freeze dry all the ingredients just at the right time to maximize the nutritional goodness.

I though they were super tasty and was trying to get my nose in the bag to get more. They get 4 paws up. I hope to try more from Stewart Pro-Treat. If all their treats taste this good, then they can certainly be put in the treat rotation. If you want to buy some of these tasty treats, then follow this link.

You can find other Stewart Pro-Treat products and lots of other great products at  Chewy.com

As always, you can watch a video here of me snacking on the yummy goodness.


Remember hoomans, treats are exactly that. They should not make up more than 10% of our daily calorie intake and we should always have fresh water around. Also, since these are raw treats, it might be a good idea to wash the hands after handling them.


**************************We received this product at no cost to us in exchange  for an honest review, all thoughts and opinions are mine and mine alone************************************





Who is a good pup? I am!

I had so many different things to choose from this month to test out. The kitties had quite the selection as well. In the end,  it was decided that the kitties can wait and I get to test out some tasty treats.

We  decided to test out ZiwiPeak Good-Dog Treats. We had not heard of the company, but a quick read about them ensured that it was a brand we could trust.The Good-Dog treats come in 3 different varieties. Beef, Venison, and Lamb. We were sent the lamb.


They contain 95% premium New Zealand meat. That is a lot!!! Seriously, if a treat contains meat, it better contain a lot of meat and not a bunch of filler ingredients. Remember, we are descendants of the mighty wolf. Wolves like meat, not a bunch of things that you need a dictionary to figure out what it is. The treats list 5 ingredients. FIVE! I am pretty sure most hooman treats contain twice that.

We know that my hoomans are pretty picky on what my treats are made with and how many calories they contain. These treats contain 4.5 kcal per treat. Mom prefers my treats be under 5 calories. I am still supposed to lose 4-5 pounds. When I get my bath or nails clipped at the vet, she weighs me.My last two nail clippings, the scale read 52.6 lbs. I am supposed to be 47. The yearly visit is approaching and we shall see what the vet says. I am hoping I get to just stay at 52 lbs. I think it suits me, plus it would mean I get more of those high calorie  treats.

These are a soft jerky treat that can very easily be torn for smaller pups or for training purposes.


They smell very yummy to me and mom says they don’t stink. Not sure what actually stinks. I think everything smells delicious.


I thought the treats were very delicious. I got to have three in a row! They are nice and chewy. I do love a good crunchy treat, but sometimes, a soft treat hits the spot.

ZiwiPeak Good-Dog treats are grain free, plus they contain parsley which can help cure that awful doggy breath that hoomans complain about. They are also air dried which helps keep the goodness inside the treat.

If you are looking for a soft treat that is low in calories, tasty, grain free, meaty, and friendly to pups young and old, then look no further. Try out a bag of Good-Dog treats!

If you would like to know more about ZiwiPeak treats and food, visit their site here to learn more.

You can find this product here and so many more items at Chewy.com 

Watch a super pawsome vine video of me performing my favorite trick speak in order to get one of these tasty treats! Just click right there ———> Speak!



**************************I received this item at no cost to me in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts, ideas, etc, etc, etc, are mine and mine alone*********************




Blocks will fall, treats will be eaten

I happen to really love treats, mom and dad really love to make me use that noggin of mine. We met somewhat in the middle by putting treats in this treat puzzle that Chewy sent me to test out. Since I have to work for low calorie treats, I am starting to think I am getting the short end of the stick. Not even the good kind of stick I like chewing on either!


I got to test out Outward Hounds Doggy Blocks. We really like their products. Doggy Blocks has a difficulty level of  3! My Star puzzle was a 1, the Kibble Drop puzzle I tested out a few months back was a 2. I’m starting to think that my pawents think I need to be challenged more! This one was tough to figure out at first. It has four blocks that need to be removed to get to the good stuff, then after those are gone, you need to move the disc to get to four more treat pockets! That disc can be tightened to increase difficulty.


Mom set it down, but at first  I was more interested in the bag of treats she had! We used Wellness Pure Rewards jerky treats. They are small and are low calorie so mom does not feel bad about putting 8 treats in there (I think she actually tore some in two). She set it on the floor and let me do my thing.

I tried to use my paw to move the boxes, but that did not work out for me. It was time to use those giant chompers I have. It took a few tries for me to be able to grab a hold of the block and move it out of the way.


You can see  that I have successfully removed the blocks and revealed the extra treat pockets! They have the holes in the disc and the blocks to help us use our sniffer and smell those treats.

Special note to the hoomans: This puzzle will get all slimy from our slobber, don’t get all grossed out when you pick up a block covered in slobber. We figured the puzzle out, deal with it!

Well after playing with it a few times, I give it three paws up. It had the right amount of difficulty for me to be challenged the first time, but I remembered what to do, so I got to the treats pretty quick the next time around.

Here is a pawsome video of yours truly removing blocks and getting the good stuff!



********************This product was provided to me free of charge in exchange for an honest review. All opinions and thoughts are mine and mine alone and of my hooman who provides the thumbs and other fingers to write my review.  You can find this product and lots of other great items at Chewy.com************************************


Chewing my way to healthy teeth

This  month I got to test out some pawsome dental chews from Zukes. I absolutely love their products. They have a full range of products. Some of my favorites are their Lil Links which are tasty sausages and their Mini Naturals, which work great as training treats. Today though is all about the dental chews. I have a great smile and that does not come easy. When I was given the opportunity from Chewy.com to test out some, my tail was wagging and my smile was huge when I found out they were made by Zukes.

They have different flavors. They come in Berry, Apple, and  Carrot. You can find them here Z-Bones  They are very tasty and come in multiple sizes. I got to try out the Crisp Apple flavor , regular sized for dogs my size (I’m 51 lbs) . As with anything new, I approach it with caution. I like to give it a few licks and sniffs before I start chewing. After I did my inspection, I went after the chew with a fury.  I loved it. It has a great flavor (I love snacking on apples and having an apple flavored treat makes it that much better).  The chew is hard enough that it takes me time to break off the pieces and have the chew do its intended purpose.

The hoomans like this treat because it is made in the USA, which is something that they are very picky about for products that will be going into my tummy.

I like this treat because it helps to keep my breath smelling pretty, my teeth looking good, and it is made with stuff that wont upset my tummy.

I give this product 4 paws up. You and your pup will not be disappointed.


Remember though,  keep an eye on us when we have any chewing material. Got to keep us sweet  pups safe!



This product was provided to me free of charge for an honest review. All opinions are that of mine and my hoomans.


Kibble dropping fun

I was sent this pawsome new treat/kibble dispenser to test out.  It is called the Kibble Drop Puzzle Dog Toy, made by Outward Hound and it is pretty cool.  Mom or dad drop treats into the hole and it goes into one of four compartments.  My job is to find out which one the treats fell into.  I start sniffing and then use my nose to lift up the flap and start grabbing those treats.




I have used different treat dispensers and this one provides me a little bit of a challenge.  Sometimes I am not sure which one has the treats and I end up lifting them all up. Sometimes the flap I lift is empty . Which makes me sad, because I want my treats.  It does keep me occupied though. Which for mom and dad is a good thing. They like that I can keep busy and have a snack at the same time.


I give this 4 paws up.  It is lots of fun to play with and you get to eat. It may require a little work, but in the end, you get some noms. You can find the product here at Chewy


You can watch a video here of me grabbing that yummy goodness!




I received this product at no cost to me, so that I could test this out and give an honest review. All opinions on this product are mine and mine alone.



When I was adopted, the shelter said I was a Lab Retriever/Mix. I looked like a lab when I was a tiny pup, then my ears started to stand  up. They do not stand up all the time, sometimes they bend at the tip or if I am being a naughty pup, they go down flat. Which is totally not all that often! My vet said I might have some shepherd in me. I knew I was a mutt and was okay with that.

The humans decided that for my 3rd birthday, I would have my DNA tested to see what kind of dog I was. The test most people use on their dogs is Wisdom Panel It can test mutts like me and figure out what breeds they are. Humans test their pups for all sorts of reasons. They might want it done for behavioral purposes, training purposes, or just to know. Mine were just curious.

Mom ordered the test from Amazon and Dad was the one that had to swab my mouth. I could not have any food or water for a little while before I was swabbed, so the test results would not get messed up.I was not informed beforehand that food would be withheld!  I could have easily starved. I was given a treat after the swabbing was completed. It kind of made up for the trauma I had to endure. The swabs were then sent off to the company so the lab could test my DNA.

Mom got the email that my results were in and my report was ready. She quickly opened the report and was shocked. She was in total disbelief. I had zero lab and zero shepherd in me. She never once considered any of the breeds that I actually am. What am I, you ask?

Well I am an Akita, English Toy Spaniel, Standard Poodle Mix. Dad likes to call me a Poospanita.

lily dna report

So, I am quite the mix! They also send this cool thing, that said what the other possible breeds could be.

lily other dna

Mom was still in shock that I had zero lab in me. She got worried that maybe my results got mixed up with another dogs! She knew that was not the case, but to ease her mind, she emailed the lab and asked them about me. They were kind enough to run a DNA profile of a lab against mine. Well guess what? I had zero common markers with a lab. My red dot was way far away from the dots of the labs DNA. So it was final. I did not have any lab in me, but was a very cool mix of some very cool breeds.

Did you know that Wisdom Panel does a guess the breed each week on Facebook? Yours truly was featured back in August. They guessed all kinds of breeds! Doxies, Lab, Shepherd,  Pit (wtd??) I do not look anything like an American Staffordshire Terrier! A, and so many other breeds. A few people guessed the Akita in me! The winner gets to donate a DNA test to the shelter of their choice. It was lots of fun seeing peoples guesses. They warned the humans I was a tough one. They weren’t kidding!

So there you have it, I am the ultimate mutt and proud of it.

dog park lily