Keeping it raw and tasty.

Christmas has come and gone. It was a pretty good holiday for me this year. I got to spend extra days with my hoomans, eat some table scraps (My diet is still happening. I heard that dogs need the extra padding during the winter, so an extra bite here or there cannot hurt me too much.), got new toys, and sent some cool bandanas that mom made to the shelter I came from. Winter in the Midwest generally means we get to freeze for a few months, before busting out the extra water bowls and start wishing it was winter again.

Speaking of things that are frozen, my favorite food has freeze dried raw pieces of chicken in the bag. Right now, I cannot have that yummy food, because of the diet. Raw freeze dried bits of meat is tasty and a nice snack. Mom likened my love of the raw bits to a kid eating all the marshmallows first from a bowl of cereal. I pick out all the raw bits first, then eat the kibble.

This month we had quite a few options to choose from to test out. One in particular caught my eye! it was a freeze dried raw treat. Choosing that one to test out this month was a no brainer.

This months selection is from a company called Stewart Pro-Treat. They make lots of different freeze dried treats and even treats for ferrets! They are made in the USA, which works for us. There are only a few countries that we trust to get our treats from, the USA of course is one of them.


They are called Stewart Pro-Treat Raw Naturals Real Beef with Berries and Flaxseed.

The ingredients are  Beef, beef hearts, beef liver, ground beef bone, broccoli, carrots, romaine lettuce, beef kidneys, apples, flaxseed, salmon oil, apple cider vinegar, blueberries, cranberries, inulin, dried kelp meal, potassium chloride, sodium chloride, dried dried ginger, dried parsley, dried garlic, zinc proteinate, iron proteinate, copper proteinate, manganese proteinate, mixed tocopherols (a preservative), rosemary extract, Vitamin E supplement, Vitamin D supplement.


There are more ingredients then we usually like in a treat, but there are lots of good stuff that has been added to make them a healthy treat. The first four ingredients are all beef! They are pretty serious about making sure they have beef inside. They of course have to make sure I get my fruits and veggies. I am happy to see that peas are not listed. (down with peas)

img_1609The ones I tested are perfect size for me. They are not too big or too small. They could work as training treats for dogs my size or bigger. Each treat contains 8 kcals. It is more then my 5 kcal limit, but I am testing them out, so we can bend the rules a bit. I liked these from the moment they passed my cute doggy lips. I ate all three of those treats in seconds.

Stewart Pro-Treat only uses the best human grade ingredients. Just because they use human grade ingredients, does not mean you can have some. These are just for us canines. They freeze dry all the ingredients just at the right time to maximize the nutritional goodness.

I though they were super tasty and was trying to get my nose in the bag to get more. They get 4 paws up. I hope to try more from Stewart Pro-Treat. If all their treats taste this good, then they can certainly be put in the treat rotation. If you want to buy some of these tasty treats, then follow this link.

You can find other Stewart Pro-Treat products and lots of other great products at

As always, you can watch a video here of me snacking on the yummy goodness.


Remember hoomans, treats are exactly that. They should not make up more than 10% of our daily calorie intake and we should always have fresh water around. Also, since these are raw treats, it might be a good idea to wash the hands after handling them.


**************************We received this product at no cost to us in exchange  for an honest review, all thoughts and opinions are mine and mine alone************************************





Crunchy on the Outside, Beefy on the Inside

Thanksgiving is just days away and soon it will be all about the turkey, but today we talk beef! This month I decided to stick with what I knew and I know that Wellness makes some pretty good treats. We have reviewed a few of their products and have not been let down. This month was no different. I got to try out Wellness Core Grain Free Marrow Roasts. They are crunchy biscuits that have real meaty marrow inside. They are only 11 calories a piece for the Hearty Beef Recipe. The Turkey recipe is 11 calories as well.


The marrow roasts treats are grain free, contain no by products, and list the meat protein as the first ingredient. That is very important to us. Carnivores want meat. We cannot stress enough how important it is when choosing food and treats that meat is listed first. If I wanted some veggies,  I would hit up the salad bar. It does list peas and sweet potatoes as other ingredients. I suppose that is okay since I cannot actually see any of the veggies. Down with peas! I have a huge hatred of peas, but since I cannot see them, I deal.


As you can see the treats are not very big, so they could work for many different sized pups. I was very excited when mom held out her hand and could barely sit still while she snapped a few pictures. I wasted little time scarfing down these tasty morsels. This is probably the first time that we can recall that my treat contained marrow. I have very picky hoomans and they will not let me have just anything without researching first that it is okay for me and that the product was made in a country that has deemed acceptable to them. These treats were made right here in the U S of A.


I am not quite sure you can see the look of intensity that is on my face. I am in full on give me my treat mode. I did indeed gobble them up like they were the last treats on earth. If I am unsure about a treat, I will drop it and lick it a few times before I pick it back up and eat it. I did not do that at all with this treat. I immediately got to chewing and swallowing and looking at mom with my best head tilt for another treat or five! I give these four paws up and hope that the Savory Turkey Recipe finds its way to my tummy in the near future.

The treats are over my 5 calorie limit because of the diet, but because I am extra cute, mom made an exception. (in reality it just means I don’t get as many treats per day because of the higher calorie count)

You can find these treats on as well as a lot of other great Wellness items. Check out Chewy for all your dog and feline needs.

Watch a nifty vine video here of me first trying out the treats.

************************we received this product at no cost to us in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts and opinions are mine and mine alone*******************



Good Ole Southern Cooking

Ahh, October is finally here. The month where it finally gets cooler and I can go for lots of walks without getting too hot. Cooler weather means stews, casseroles, and other yummy food to warm the tummy. This month we decided to go with a canned food instead of treats. It seems that at my last vet visit, I was told that I still needed to lose weight. I should be at my 1 year weight and that is 10 lbs lighter. So the diet lives on and treat calorie amounts are being written down so that I do not go over my daily amount of 800 calories. I am allowed up to 80 calories a day of treats. My dental chew alone takes up half that!

Anyways back to the more important stuff, food that I can eat. This month I picked out some yummy Merrick Pet Care food. I love their food, I have yet to find a food from them that I did not enjoy. This months selection did not disappoint. This months choice is called Smothered Comfort. I have to say that I love all the names Merrick comes up with to name the canned food. They all have such fun names.


Smothered Comfort lists Chicken as its first ingredient, actually chicken is its first three ingredients! Lots of chicken in this food. It has a whole chicken thigh! Seriously, a whole thigh, now some of you might be a little worried that the bone could hurt our delicate tummy. No worries, the chef cooks the thigh to make the bone all soft and okay for pups. It is seriously the first thing I usually go for when mom sets a can of this stuff down. I like grabbing up the thigh and chomp chomp chomp. It is that delicious. Who wouldn’t want to have visible pieces of meat in their food?

After the super good chicken part, it also has sweet potatoes, carrots, apples, peas, potato, and blueberries. Plus all the vitamins and minerals to keep us healthy. I did not see any of the peas, so that was a good thing. I have a love hate relationship with  peas.  I hate them, but mom loves for me to eat them. It has 380 calories per can. Mom can feed me two cans of this and still have 40 calories left for treats or 1 dental chew. It is also grain free for all those pups who have allergies or sensitivities to grain. As far as i know, I am okay with grain. It is  nice to know if I were to have issues that I have tasty options.



I am more of a stew kind of pup than pate.  I like and will eat the pate, but I do love lapping up the gravy when given stew type canned foods. Mom likes that she can see the ingredients.She prefers to see the stuff they put in my food.  Seeing the ingredients listed on a can is on thing, but it is another thing when you can spot the blueberries, carrots or the dreaded peas. It makes the hoomans feel a little bit better about what they are feeding us.

As you can see from the pictures, I wasted no time getting my mouth into that tasty goodness. I did not want to stop and pose for pictures, I wanted to just keep on eating, but I was patient until the puparazzi was done and I could eat at my own pace (which is speed of light) I give this four  paws up. It got my “eat it like it is running away”seal of approval. Plus it also received the “going back to the bowl to lick it over and over again to see if I missed a spot” seal of approval.


Merrick is a brand we trust to always provide food that is tasty and good for me. They have so many different varieties and are always coming up with something new. They have so many proteins to chose from, I can eat a wide variety and not get bored. You can learn all about their food here or at

Check out me chomping down on Smothered Comfort in my vine video here

As always check out all the great things that has to offer, plus they offer auto ship, no more running out of food. Ask your hoomans first though. They tend to get upset when us pups get a hold of the credit or debit card.

***********************I did receive this food from at no cost to me in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts, pictures, videos, are mine and mine alone**********************

Who is a good pup? I am!

I had so many different things to choose from this month to test out. The kitties had quite the selection as well. In the end,  it was decided that the kitties can wait and I get to test out some tasty treats.

We  decided to test out ZiwiPeak Good-Dog Treats. We had not heard of the company, but a quick read about them ensured that it was a brand we could trust.The Good-Dog treats come in 3 different varieties. Beef, Venison, and Lamb. We were sent the lamb.


They contain 95% premium New Zealand meat. That is a lot!!! Seriously, if a treat contains meat, it better contain a lot of meat and not a bunch of filler ingredients. Remember, we are descendants of the mighty wolf. Wolves like meat, not a bunch of things that you need a dictionary to figure out what it is. The treats list 5 ingredients. FIVE! I am pretty sure most hooman treats contain twice that.

We know that my hoomans are pretty picky on what my treats are made with and how many calories they contain. These treats contain 4.5 kcal per treat. Mom prefers my treats be under 5 calories. I am still supposed to lose 4-5 pounds. When I get my bath or nails clipped at the vet, she weighs me.My last two nail clippings, the scale read 52.6 lbs. I am supposed to be 47. The yearly visit is approaching and we shall see what the vet says. I am hoping I get to just stay at 52 lbs. I think it suits me, plus it would mean I get more of those high calorie  treats.

These are a soft jerky treat that can very easily be torn for smaller pups or for training purposes.


They smell very yummy to me and mom says they don’t stink. Not sure what actually stinks. I think everything smells delicious.


I thought the treats were very delicious. I got to have three in a row! They are nice and chewy. I do love a good crunchy treat, but sometimes, a soft treat hits the spot.

ZiwiPeak Good-Dog treats are grain free, plus they contain parsley which can help cure that awful doggy breath that hoomans complain about. They are also air dried which helps keep the goodness inside the treat.

If you are looking for a soft treat that is low in calories, tasty, grain free, meaty, and friendly to pups young and old, then look no further. Try out a bag of Good-Dog treats!

If you would like to know more about ZiwiPeak treats and food, visit their site here to learn more.

You can find this product here and so many more items at 

Watch a super pawsome vine video of me performing my favorite trick speak in order to get one of these tasty treats! Just click right there ———> Speak!



**************************I received this item at no cost to me in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts, ideas, etc, etc, etc, are mine and mine alone*********************




Supporting local businesses has never been so tasty

One day mom and dad went to buy popcorn from a place that is locally owned and operated. Dad says if a store sells dog stuff, mom will surely seek it out by using the force. Who knew a popcorn place would have treats for me??? They had all kinds of yummy dog treats. I first got to try some Peanut Butter squirrels. They did not contain actual squirrels, but were super tasty. Mom even took a small taste!! Then I got to try some Bacon Cornbread treats. They were super tasty. They are made by a local company called Porter’s Pet Pantry. Buying local supports our local community and that is always a good thing.

They sent mom a bag of their Beef Liver Slivers so I can try it out. I of course had to insist to mom that I need to write a review so my dog friends could hear all about these super tasty treats.


Now you guys know that I can be a bit picky on treats. Sometimes I am a little unsure if I should try it out or not. Well this was not the case with these treats. As soon as mom handed me one and I gently took it from her hand (because you know if I did not, then I would be denied the yumminess) that treat was in my mouth and being crunched, chomped, and sent down into my tummy. I had to ask for another one right away. I had to be sure that the next one would taste just as good. I somehow got her to give me four treats in a row!



Look at that treat! It is huge. They can be broken up pretty easily, so that if you are not a nice big dog like me, you can make tiny treats for those tiny pups that fit in handbags. You can also break them up to use as training treats. I  know lots of commands, but I still need to practice (according to the hands that feed and spoil me).

These Beef Liver Slivers are not stinky at all! I know for a fact that mom had to plug her nose once just to hand me these other treats she got for me. Not these, they smell like the jerky you buy at the store. I caught mom eyeing one. Hoomans, get your own tasty goodness. pfft.

Onwards to my likes and my hoomans likes. I like that they are super tasty and crunchy Mom likes that they  are grain free, locally made, not stinky, that they only contain four ingredients. (Beef Liver, Natural Smoke Flavoring, Citric Acid, and Vitamin E), and she likes that they come in a resealable bag.

If you are looking for a new training treat, good girl/boy treat, something to spice up the ole kibble,  or maybe a good bye treat to distract us when you are leaving to make the money to that buys us stuff. You should totally buy this treat.

I give Porter’s Pet  Pantry Beef Liver Slivers 4 paws up. You can find them on Amazon or you can visit their website Porter’s Pet Pantry which has other treats and toys!

Watch me enjoy the treats here on Vine


We will definitely be buying these when the bag is empty or almost empty!

Ok, now go buy some!

Remember treats are exactly that, a treat. We still need a balanced diet and of course fresh water.


******************We received these treats at no cost to us in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts, opinions, etc are mine and my hoomans**************




A Taste of fall in the Summer

As it gets closer to the fall months, I want to eat something that is hearty, filling, and makes me feel all warm inside. A good stew does just that. This month I had lots to choose from to test out. I have quite a few treats, so we decided to go with a nice canned food. Whole Earth Farms has dry and wet food for both cats and us dogs. The canned food I picked out to try is Hearty Chicken Stew, which is grain free, just in case that is important to you. The important part to us is the ingredients and the fact it is made right here in the USA.


I see canned food and I start sticking my tongue out and all I want is a taste of whatever is inside. A girl needs canned food here and there because dry kibble just gets boring. Wet food is more of a treat for me than a dinner. I have been known to go on a hunger strike until a can is served to me again. It does not go over well sometimes.

Mom let me take a look at it before she put it in my bowl. Full of yummy chicken chunks, carrots, and my nemesis….peas. I am not a fan of peas. I will eat them last with the hopes that they will just disappear out of my bowl. Never happens, I still hold out hope though.


Mom looks at labels way more on my food, treats, chews, etc, than she looks at her own food. If there are certain ingredients in my food, she will not purchase them.If you look at the ingredients on this food you would see that the first one is deboned chicken. Mom and dad both eat that every time they buy a rotisserie chicken! Who wouldn’t want a nice tasty chicken for dinner?  It also contains tasty chicken broth, and plenty of veggies.


You can see those big chunks of chicken, carrots, and the very fibrous, but icky peas. (I know that I should really give peas a chance, but I do not like them!) If mom does not have to eat broccoli, then I should not have to eat peas. just saying. There is a good amount of gravy so each bite of food is covered in deliciousness. It was very tasty and I was excited when a couple days later, mom let me have another can.

I prefer the chunky style food over a pate. i like the chunks of meat and veggies I can see. Plus, mom feels the chunky ones are easier to put into a bowl! I gobbled this up and kept licking the bowl.Licking the bowl repeatedly is a sure sign that I enjoyed the meal.

If you want to see this pup in action eating this yummy food then click here!

I give this food 4 paws up! If you are looking for a quality food that is also priced decently, then look no further. Try out Hearty Chicken Stew. You can find this and other Whole Earth Farm products at Be sure to check out everything they have to offer. Food, treats, dental chews, and more!!



*************** this  product was provided to me by at no cost in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts on this and any other products I try are mine and mine alone***************

Having a feast down in the Bayou

Now I have never been down south, but I have heard that the food down there is delicious. This month, I saw that I could try some canned food from Blue Buffalo called Bayou Blend with real Alligator and Catfish!!! I am quite fond of canned food, so I decided to take a chance on a new protein  and brand of food and test it out.

Mom and dad are very picky about food when it comes to me. I am only allowed the best quality food out there. Who would want to eat a food where the first ingredient isn’t a quality protein?  There are so many foods out there where corn or a  meat by product is the first ingredient listed. I am a carnivore, I am a descendant of the mighty wolf!! When is the last time you saw a wolf pick an ear of corn over a nice filet mignon?

Blue Buffalo Bayou Blend has alligator, chicken, catfish, turkey, and shrimp. Who know they could put so many different kinds of proteins in one can?  They have zero by products, corn, wheat or soy. It also contains potatoes and peas. So I do get some veggies with my meat. I am a meat and potatoes kind of pup.


I really love canned food, whenever I see a can in mom or dads hand, I go nuts! I get dry food pretty much all the time. I get canned food as a special treat, when someone forgets to order my food, or if I go on a dry food strike and mom pops open a can to make sure I eat (that last one is totally on purpose, I know she wont let me starve and knows canned food is something I cannot resist).

So, the day we decided to test out Bayou Blend, my ears perked up when I saw the can. I tried to be patient while she took a couple of pictures, but I wanted the good stuff! Finally the top was popped off and the smells were amazing. I was jumping and prancing around. I wanted to try that new food, but she wanted even more pictures once it was in my bowl. (my regular bowl, thank dog)


See all that good stuff? Yep, having to wait to start eating was very hard. However I am a well trained pup who knows the word WAIT. My least favorite word next to bath.  It was very tasty. I barely stopped to breathe. It was lick the bowl over and over again good. Mom can tell how much I like a canned food by how many times I go back to the bowl to see if I can lick anything else off the empty bowl. It was three times.  I had to pat myself on the back for that one. My record is 4 times, but that is for my regular brand.

This is my first time having canned food from Blue Buffalo. I am hoping to try more. I love my regular food, but having a protein they don’t make is a good thing. Variety is the spice of life right? I give this four paws up. Mom thought it was stinky, she hates all seafood though, so no surprise there. I even got to have a second can the next night. I ate that one just as fast! If you are looking to try an exotic dinner, look no further. Try some Bayou Blend from Blue Buffalo. You can find this and many other pawsome products at

You can watch a video of me here going all wild for some good ole southern food.


*************This product was given to me at no cost by in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts are mine and mine alone************


Apples, cinnamon, and lamb! Oh My!

I am on a total Wellness kick! I really love their treats, so no surprise, that I chose another Wellness product to review this month. I am actually out of my Wellness treats because some strange dog broke into my home, ate them all, then left the empty  torn bag to frame me. Mom was not happy about that one, but she was happy that because they are low calorie and very limited ingredients, I did not have tummy issues and do a number 2 in the house. Yay? Strange thing to be happy about, but hoomans are weird.

Anyhoo, this month I tested out Wellness Petite Treats. They come in four different varieties. I tried out the Lamb, Apple, and Cinnamon ones. They are 4 kcal/piece. If you have read my other posts, you know the struggle I am dealing with currently. My daily treats must be in the single digits. Mom and dad prefer 5 or under, but will go up to 9 kcal per treat. I have yet to get weighed at the vet again, so how well I am doing, remains a mystery since my last 1.2 lb weight loss.


These are soft treats and the packaging says over 100 treats per bag! That is a lot of treats. Some of the other flavors have over 150 treats per bag!

I am pretty used to Wellness treats now, so the moment I was offered one, I ate it up and was looking for another one. The package says for small breed dogs, but lets face it, when you are a big dog and have to lose weight, you need the small low cal ones. I really loved these treats. They have everything I want in a treat, yummy protein, a little spice, and my favorite fruit. They are great also for training. I am hoping to get to try the other three flavors!


The treats are grain free, wheat free,  and free of any of the fake stuff that no one can pronounce. It does contain yummy ingredients that are tasty and  has flaxseed which keeps my coat looking shiny and pretty.

These treats are so yummy that even one of my kitty brothers tried to steal one. I may have given him a very short GRRRRR to which I was told to be nice to my brother if I ever want another toy ever again. (empty threats).

You can find this and a lot of other great treats, food, and toys at

Below is a link to a vine video of me being a gentle pup while taking a Wellness Petite Treat  from mom.

Mary had a little lamb and it was very tasty.



****************I was given this product at no charge to me, in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts, pictures, ideas, tail wags, paws, and stuff are solely my own and my thumbs that type this up for me****************

Blocks will fall, treats will be eaten

I happen to really love treats, mom and dad really love to make me use that noggin of mine. We met somewhat in the middle by putting treats in this treat puzzle that Chewy sent me to test out. Since I have to work for low calorie treats, I am starting to think I am getting the short end of the stick. Not even the good kind of stick I like chewing on either!


I got to test out Outward Hounds Doggy Blocks. We really like their products. Doggy Blocks has a difficulty level of  3! My Star puzzle was a 1, the Kibble Drop puzzle I tested out a few months back was a 2. I’m starting to think that my pawents think I need to be challenged more! This one was tough to figure out at first. It has four blocks that need to be removed to get to the good stuff, then after those are gone, you need to move the disc to get to four more treat pockets! That disc can be tightened to increase difficulty.


Mom set it down, but at first  I was more interested in the bag of treats she had! We used Wellness Pure Rewards jerky treats. They are small and are low calorie so mom does not feel bad about putting 8 treats in there (I think she actually tore some in two). She set it on the floor and let me do my thing.

I tried to use my paw to move the boxes, but that did not work out for me. It was time to use those giant chompers I have. It took a few tries for me to be able to grab a hold of the block and move it out of the way.


You can see  that I have successfully removed the blocks and revealed the extra treat pockets! They have the holes in the disc and the blocks to help us use our sniffer and smell those treats.

Special note to the hoomans: This puzzle will get all slimy from our slobber, don’t get all grossed out when you pick up a block covered in slobber. We figured the puzzle out, deal with it!

Well after playing with it a few times, I give it three paws up. It had the right amount of difficulty for me to be challenged the first time, but I remembered what to do, so I got to the treats pretty quick the next time around.

Here is a pawsome video of yours truly removing blocks and getting the good stuff!



********************This product was provided to me free of charge in exchange for an honest review. All opinions and thoughts are mine and mine alone and of my hooman who provides the thumbs and other fingers to write my review.  You can find this product and lots of other great items at************************************


Small in size, but mighty in taste


This month I decided to test out Good Dog Blueberry Cobbler Dog Treats from Sojos. I do love my treats and I only dropped 1.2 pounds since the last vet visit, so treats are still being restricted. What is great about these is that they are very tiny,  low calorie (3.42 calories per treat),  and perfect for those training sessions my hoomans insist I need to keep doing to remain well trained.

They are so small, that I look like a Great Dane next to these things!


The first time I got to try one, I did drop it right on the floor. I can be very weird when it comes to new treats, I will sniff it and push it around, lick it a few times, then eat it. After I did my investigation, I  gobbled it up and begged for another one! Since that time, I  have eagerly accepted a treat every time.

Sojos Blueberry Cobbler treats are pretty tasty. I can have two or three of them, instead of just one of those high calorie ones. The tail is wagging when mom or dad gets the bag out. They did have to put it in a resealable bag as it did not come in one, and we prefer to keep the treats as fresh as possible.

On to the stuff that matters, well matters to the hoomans that buy us stuff! It contains only natural ingredients. The blueberry ones contain Oat flour, rolled oats, blueberries, canola oil, vanilla, eggs, honey. Did you notice, that every ingredient can be pronounced without any issues, and there is a good chance you probably have most of those ingredients in your house right now?  Yep, that is a very good reason to buy these. No crazy artificial stuff and they are made in the USA!

They do come in 4 other flavors. Chicken Pot Pie, Shepherds Pie, Apple Dumpling, and Peanut Butter and Jelly. Those all sound pretty good to me and they contain nothing artificial either!

I give these four paws up. I love them and am glad that I have another low calorie treat that is yummy and good for me!

You can find these treats and a lot of other great stuff at

Watch a vine video here of me enjoying one of these pawsome treats!

*******************I was given this product at no cost to me in exchange for an honest review, all opinions are mine and mine alone********************