A new year is upon us. Hoping this year is a good one. Last year was not too bad. This year will surely be pawsome! We have had lots of snow so far, so that is a total plus. We did snow walkies and that was probably the best thing ever.

Sadly last year did not end well. We had to say goodbye to a member of the feline three. Sam kitty went over the rainbow bridge on December 28th. He had kidney failure and Mom and Dad knew it was time to say goodbye. He got a special dinner of rotisserie chicken and so many good bye hugs and kisses. Till we meet again big brother. We miss your loud meow everyday. It is a little quieter in the house without Sam kitty, but we are doing okay.

img_6833 (3)

The other two kitties weren’t up for blogging this month, so I will be doing this months review. I decided to try out some crunchy biscuits from Canidae.


Canidea Grain Free Pure Heaven biscuits come in three varieties. Salmon and Sweet Potato, Duck and Chickpeas, and Bison and Butternut Squash. It was tough picking a flavor. I almost had to draw a flavor out of a hat! I finally decided on Duck and Chickpeas. I have eaten duck lots of times and I do find it tasty. I cannot ever recall trying a chickpea and my humans have never tried hummus, so I am pretty certain this is a new thing for me. At least I branch out to try new things.

These treats contain Pea flour, potato, cane molasses, duck, chickpeas, salt, natural flavor, chicken fat (preserved with mixed tocopherols and citric acid), rosemary extract, sesame seed, avocado oil, turmeric.

Nice to read ingredients on a bag and know what everything is! I cannot see the peas since it is a pea flour, so I guess that is okay. We all know that peas and I have a love hate  relationship, I love to hate them! Turmeric can do lots of good things, It can work as an anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, and help those GI issues. Chickpeas have all kind of nutrients to keep us healthy. So Canidea treats like a healthy little snack that is super yummy.


The biscuits look huge, but they are not gigantic. They can be broken into smaller pieces to cut down on calorie intake or for smaller pups.


She got some of them to break in half, but  most of them broken into smaller pieces. I did not care as long as I got some.

The biscuits are very  crunchy and very tasty. She thought they smelled funny. The scent is not super strong, but it is so strong that it is bothersome to mom. She will not let me have some treats because they smell so strong. I was a little hesitant to grab one at first, mom thinks it may have been the smell that had me a little apprehensive. I finally took a bite and boy was it tasty!

Look at all that crunching! I love things that crunch. I am always trying to make mom  or dad let me have chips because I love the sound they make when I eat them. I might also mention that I am a a super gentle pup when it comes to treats. Some dogs learn sit right off the bat, I learned gentle.

So these treats are super tasty and I think if you like crunchy treats, you will love these too. They not only have lots of healthy ingredients, are gain free, but they can also help clean your chompers. A super tasty healthy treat to use as a reward or for training.  These treats are always made in the USA. We certainly love that!

We give these treats four paws up (even with the peas!)

If you want to learn more and learn about the other flavors, then click here.

I cannot wait to try out the bison flavor. They look super tasty too!

After you are done checking out Pure Heaven treats, make sure you look at everything else that Chewy.com has to offer. They have A LOT to offer every  furry, scaled, or feathered member of your family.


***********************we received this product at no cost to us in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts and opinions on this product are mine and mine alone*****************


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