It is August which mean Summer is winding down and nicer weather will be here before you know it. August also means someone had a birthday!  That someone might have been me. I turned 7 this year. I had the best birthday a girl could have. I had a nice steak for dinner, lots of treats, and of course toys.  The only thing that was not that cool was mom and dad embarrassing me with their yearly birthday photo. They love it and I just look extra silly.


Yep, my hat and bandanna match. They are that big of dorks.

Enough birthday talk. On to the stuff you came here for. You are wondering what tasty or pawsome product did I try out this month? Well since you were wondering, I picked out something that the kitties and I could both enjoy. It is from a company called Dr. Tim’s. He is a doc who wanted to make better products for his dogs. He did just that and that brings us to today and the treats we tried out.

They are called Dr. Tim’s Natural Chicken Chips. They are made of raw freeze dried chicken necks. That is it, just one single ingredient. They look a little funny and may not smell appealing to most people. They do come in a variety of flavors. They also have turkey, oxtail, tripe, beef, and  beef liver. Lots of protein to choose from.


Natural Chicken Chips are made from 100%  USDA inspected meat from Wisconsin. We totally like that for a couple reasons . We absolutely love that they are made in the USA and really love that the meat has been USDA inspected. Knowing that the meat is safe for us is a big plus.

Mom opened up the container and let me have a sniff. I was a little unsure at first, they looked different than other treats I have eaten. Mom let me have one and I dropped it back on my bed. I was like no thank you at first. I then gave it a second sniff and picked it back up.  I chomped it and looked at mom to see if I could have one more.


I proceeded to have three more treats. They recommend feeding 1 to 2 treats per ten pounds of body weight per day. That means I could have 10 treats a day! WOW.  They are super crunchy. I do love a good crunchy treat.


Cannot really explain why I said no at first, these are delicious! Maybe I was just being a weirdo, I am a big weirdo. We let the cats try them out. Sam ate a little off of one. Baby and Bater were not interested. Guess that means more for me!

Dr. Tim’s Chicken Chips are a great way to help clean our chompers, as well as a way for us to get essential fatty acids and amino acids to keep us healthy. They are freeze dried rather than cooked, so we do not have to worry about any brittle bone fragments.

Since these treats are raw freeze dried chicken necks, make sure you wash your hands after handling these treats and wash any surface that they might have come in contact with.

The chicken necks can be fed either dry or can be soaked in water for a tender treat. Mom let one soak in cool water for five minutes.

She did not like the feel of the water soaked chicken neck. She thought it was gross and slimy. I was not sure at first, but gobbled it up after a few seconds.

Survey says? Chicken necks are tasty wet or dry.  We give these 3 paws up. One paw short due to two of  the kitties turning their noses up at them.

Crunch, crunch, crunch!!!


Click here to see more about these tasty chicken necks and take a look at the other great products that  Dr. Tim’s has to offer. They also has a wide variety of food and supplements. All sourced from places in North America.

While you are there look at everything has to offer, they have really anything you need for any pet you have!


***************We received these treats at no cost to us in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts and opinions are mine and mine alone**********************



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