Lily has been hogging this blog for too long! It is time the kitties have their turn. As you probably know, Lily has three kitty brofurs. We are known as the feline three. We are all male and ancient. I am Bater and I am 15. Sam is 21 or 22. Not sure of his birthday. Baby is 19. We all love food. Every morning we remind mom that we need to be fed in case she forgets. So it is not really surprising that we chose food to try out this month.

Baby and Sam love to eat wet food, but they don’t like blogging. I am not a fan of wet food, but I am a fan of blogging!  I said I would write the review for them.

They picked out some wet food by “Taste of the Wild” They make cat and dog food. They make both wet and dry food. There are two varieties of the wet food. Canyon River and Rocky Mountain. Both are grain free. Canyon River is Trout and Salmon. Rocky Mountain is Salmon and Roasted Venison. The boys like their game meat, so we went with Rocky Mountain.


I am available for modeling. I know I look pretty handsome.

The cans come as both 3 and 5.5 oz. We were sent the 3 oz cans.

Rocky Mountain Grain free contains salmon and venison, along with a lot of other tasty stuff. It also has chicken, chicken and fish broth, chicken liver, smoked salmon, peas, tomatoes, blueberries, raspberries, ocean fish, and a whole lot of vitamins and minerals to keep us healthy. Lots of different protein packed in one little can!

Taste of the Wild is free from grains, fillers, artificial flavors or colors, or preservatives.

It was time to feed Sam and Baby and see what they thought about Taste of the Wild Rocky Mountain Grain Free Canned Cat food.



The chunks are the perfect size for kitties. We have seen Lily’s wet food and those are some big chunks of food. Plenty of gravy in each can, so each meaty chunk is covered in it.

Baby and Sam prefer food that has chunks rather than pate. They will eat pate, but prefer a little gravy with their meal. I happen to love gravy! Taste of the Wild  has so many big chunks of food and lots of gravy. I might be the type of kitty that licks all the gravy and then walks away leaving the chunks of meaty bits behind.


It was time to see what the wet food experts thought about this food. Those two went after the food like they have never eaten before! Which is absurd. I have seen them eat plenty of times. They both happily ate out of their own bowls until mom started filming then they decided to both eat from the same bowl. Weirdos!


Baby never eats as much as Sam, so when he gets finished eating he walks off and goes to his napping spot. Sam then eats until he cannot eat anymore. When they were trying out this food, Baby actually got back up from his napping spot and came back over to eat more! That really says something about this food if he came back for seconds.

I was not very interested in the meaty bits part of this food, but happily licked the can clean of any gravy that remained. I am more of a chicken person anyway. Sam and Baby say my opinion does not really matter because I love dry food and do not partake in wet food that often.

Someone else though was very interested in the food and that someone else was Lily! She is known as the clean up crew. If mom does not let me lick the can clean, she lets Lily clean them. Then they go into the recycling bin. She did eat whatever food was left on the plate and thought it was very tasty.

So two out of three kitties  and one dog enjoyed this food. Sam and Baby both liked that it had chunks of food in gravy. I liked the gravy part. Lily just thought everything was tasty and wanted her own can.

Mom likes that they use meat as the first ingredient and that they make sure it has the vitamins and minerals that cats need. She is very picky when it comes to food for us and makes sure that it contains all the things that we need to stay healthy.  She was also happy to see that their headquarters are in Missouri!

If you are looking for a food that has big meaty chunks, then try out Taste of the Wild! 3 out of 4 paws up!

If you would like to see what else Taste of the Wild has to offer click here.

Remember to explore They have something for everyone! Cats, dogs, hamsters, fish, lizards, birds, and even horses! Why shop anywhere else?


****************we received this product at no cost to us in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts and opinions are mine, Sam, Baby’s, and moms***************





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