It is inevitable, at some point while you are at the dog park or taking a nice long walk (when temps are acceptable), you end up needing to do your business. I like to pee at least six or seven times to let every other dog know that I’ve been there. Sometimes I pee again in the same spot on the way back! Today though is not about pee, it is about poop.

Yep a post about poop! Poop bags that is. Chewy asked me if I would like to try out some poop bags. Well everyone poops and everyone needs to pick up after their dogs, so we said YES!


They are made by a company called Frisco. Frisco is offered exclusively at Chewy. We were sent a box of poop bags with handles, a multi pack of poop bags for a dispenser, and a poop bag dispenser that can hook on to a leash or a belt loop. We were given unscented bags. The scented ones are cucumber melon.

The two bags do vary in size. The bags that have a handle measure 7 x 13.5, the bags without the handles measure 9 x 13. They should fit in most dispensers. We tested it out in four different dispensers and they fit just fine in each one. We have A LOT of dispensers. Doggy 5ks love giving them out to make sure our humans clean up after us.


Each roll has 15 bags, Plenty of bags for multiple walks or dog park trips. The boxes come in 120 and 270 packs.

It was time to hit the road and test out these bags. Mom says the clasp for the holder was a little tricky at first, but after a few tries, it was easy to do.


We wanted to try these out multiple times, so first up was the park.  Even if I just went at home, I will go again at the park. It is an unspoken rule at the dog park to always poop there. We get a kick out of watching our humans pick up after us.

I had to first find the perfect spot. It is a pretty big dog park, so I wanted to choose wisely.




I found my spot and did my business. Mom grabbed a bag from the roll and put her hand inside and picked up my business with ease and tossed it into the trash can.


Yep, she took a picture of my bag of number 2. She prefers the one without handles, since they come in the convenient pack that fits in the dispenser.

Fast forward to a few days later. I got to go on a walk during the day. We had rain coming in, so it was not awful out. One cannot take pictures of poop bags in the dark.


I took my time sniffing and walking around to find the perfect spot. I don’t think humans understand how hard it is to find the perfect pooping spot. It is not easy!

Well I did my business and mom did her thing, then she promptly walked me to the nearest trash can. We walk in a small park, so there are ample trash cans and even a poop bag dispenser in case you forget to bring one. (keep your parks clean ladies and gents)


I am all don’t show that to me, I know where that has been.

Time for mom to take over, since the humans reading this will want to know her opinion.

Hi all! Lily’s mom here.

I think these bags are pretty sturdy and will work just fine for our trips to the park and our walks. They do not seem as thin as other bags that we have used, so I don’t worry about the bag ripping when I tie it in a knot.

They come in scented or unscented. I much prefer the unscented version. The scented version is a cucumber melon scent. It just happens to be one of my least favorite combo scents. I don’t believe I have ever used a scented bag before, so I do not feel that I am missing out on anything.

Each roll has a small sticker that keeps the roll closed. I did tear a small hole in one bag from trying to get the sticker apart, but it only happened on one roll. I could have just been more forceful with that one.

I do like that they are planet friendly poop bags. The bags are designed to break down faster than regular plastic bags.

They fit great in my  normal dispenser that Velcros around the leash loop. My hands can get a little stiff and it can be bothersome to open and close the clasp on the Frisco dispenser. I will most likely use my normal one than the Frisco one.

We have used these bags several times and I would definitely use them for walks and parks trips. The pantry box (bags with handles) will be helpful when she has an accident inside the house or one of our three senior cats has an accident outside the litter box. They are 22, 19, and 15, so an accident is bound to happen.

Lily and I both highly recommend these poop bags if you are looking for an earth friendly bag to replace your current one. Plus the box they come in is made of at least 50% recycled content. Saving the earth, one box at at time.

If you want to check out all the products that Frisco offers (they offer a lot of different pet  products), click here.

Don’t forget to look at everything else offered at They offer just about everything one needs for their pet. They even have a pharmacy now! It is seriously one stop shopping for EVERYTHING pet related. How pawsome is that?


*********************we received this product from at no cost to us in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts and opinions are mine and moms alone************************

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