Guess what? It snowed again this past Sunday. Three Sundays in a row we had snow. It was not that much though. April has felt more like January this year. It has been semi nice the past few days though. Mom and dad just got back from a short trip. I did not see them for three whole days! It felt like forever. I did get presents though. I might have destroyed one of them within hours of getting it. Ooops.

There was lots of things to choose from this month. I saw some treats from Zuke’s. I have tried their dental chews in the past. They are super tasty. The treats I got to try out are called Lil’ Links. They come in four flavors: Chicken and Apple, Duck and Apple, Rabbit and Apple, and Pork and Apple. I picked out the Rabbit and Apple flavor. I do like rabbit.  I just hope I don’t start hopping around if I eat too many of them.



Zuke’s Lil’s Links are grain free and contain zero nitrates, nitrites, or artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors. The ingredients are things that we can actually understand instead of a bunch of weird ingredients.  If you look on the Zuke’s website, they actually explain each ingredient and why it is included in the recipe. I think that is pretty cool of them.

For example, did you know that Rabbit is easily digestible and is heart friendly, plus it is a great alternative protein for those pups who have allergies to beef or chicken! Sage is not just for thanksgiving stuffing, it is also good for us! It is rich in iron, potassium, calcium and vitamin A. It can help promote healthy gums. So much good stuff in a tiny little sausage.


Don’t they look delicious? They are pretty soft sausages, so you can break them in half or into smaller pieces if they are being used for training purposes.  Did you know they are a great size to put inside a Kong? I might be a little obsessed with my Kong. Finding one of these tasty sausages makes the Kong that much better.

As you can probably tell, I love the Lil’ Links. They are super tasty.  They smell kind of like beef jerky. That smoky smell is amazing.  I like being able to have a protein filled snack after walkies or during a training session.

Mom likes that they smell like beef jerky too. She prefers handing me treats that smell like something a human would eat. She also gives thumbs up on the ingredients. She is so picky on what I get fed. She always reads the list of ingredients before buying me anything. If there are questionable ingredients, then I do not get them. So I am pretty happy that she approves of these.

See my face? That is the face of a pup who needs another treat. Maybe without having to perform any tricks?  They are nice and chewy and unlike my crunchy treats, I do not make a big mess when eating them.

Lil’ Links are crafted right here in the USA, which of course makes mom happy. It also features real meat as the first ingredient. Which is also very important to us.

I give these treats four paws up. I cannot wait to try out the other flavors. I do love duck, pork, and chicken. What is great is that each flavor has the same ingredients with the only difference being the protein. We can easily grab pork knowing that it contains the same stuff as the duck or rabbit flavor.

I think you should totally give these a try. You can find them here.

Did you know that has super fast shipping and the BEST customer service ever? Check out what else they have to offer on their website at

****************We received this product at no cost to us in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are mine and mine alone******************


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