The calendar says April, but it sure does not feel like it. We had snow on Easter! It was no April fools joke. We also got snow the following Sunday. I think mother nature is confused that winter is over. The cold temperatures have been keeping us from doing nice long walkies. We have had to find things to keep me occupied, so I do not go stir crazy. to the rescue! They asked me if I wanted to test out some Kongs. They are pretty cool treat dispensers. I tested out a Kong Wobbler a long time ago and I still love it. I said sure thing and anxiously awaited the arrival of the Kongs.

They sent me three Kongs. Why three? I can be snacking on one, while one is in the freezer, and the third is in the dishwasher getting clean and sanitized. You can put all kinds of stuff in a Kong. They have so many different recipes online and on the Kong website.


Kong Classics come in different sizes as well as a version for puppies, one for seniors, and one for those tough chewers. I got a large which is perfect for a pup that is 52 pounds. The smallest size (x-small) is good for pups up to 5 lbs and the largest size (xx-large) is good for pups that weigh 85 pounds or more.


I was pretty new to the Classic Kong, so mom put a few small treats in there. I figured  out pretty quickly that if you throw it, drop it, bat it around, or toss it down the stairs, the treats come pouring out!

It was time to seal the opening of the Kong, to make it a little more difficult to get the treats out. Mom placed some treats in the Kong and then used some peanut butter  which is Lily friendly and from my very own jar! (It says for Lily only) to seal the opening. OMD! It was amazing. The tasty sticky peanut butter was no match for me. I broke through the peanut butter barrier and got to the treats. Some of them got stuck to the sides, so I used my tongue to get to them.


It was time to increase the challenge again. This time she put my joint chew, some dry kibble, a couple treats, and some wet food in the Kong and sealed it again with peanut butter. This one kept me pretty busy. It had so much stuff in there. It took me a little while to get everything out. Well almost everything, there was a just a little bit of wet food on the side of the Kong. It was mostly clean though.

Time to increase the difficulty again, Mom put that Kong in the dishwasher and filled up the two other with the same stuff as before. This time she put them both in the freezer. The next day, she handed me the frozen Kong and watched to see how I would handle everything being frozen! It took me a little while to get through the peanut butter layer. After breaking through that layer, I had a super tasty layer of wet food. We chose a wet food that is more of a pate consistency. It took me quite a long time to finish the whole Kong. Mom says the only thing that keeps me quiet that long is when I nap. (stink eye was given for sure)

I was a very focused and determined puppers. I did not stop until I had emptied the Kong. I usually lay on my bed to work on the Kong. A girl has to be comfy when enjoying a snack.


Out of all the Kongs that I was given, I really liked the frozen Kong the best. I liked that it lasted a really long time and that when it hits summer, it will be a really nice cold treat on a hot summer’s day. I really like that you can put a variety of things into a Kong. Usually if I get a treat, it is just a couple treats and that is that. A Kong can have so many different things and I don’t have to perform any tricks to get everything inside a Kong.

Did you know that Kongs provide play time, helps to reduce boredom and helps with separation anxiety? I know that I would feel better about mom or dad heading out the door if I had a Kong to keep me busy.  Keeping us busy means we might not chew other things up like Kleenex or your favorite running shoes. It  is also handy in a game of fetch. It goes bounce bounce bounce all over the room. I love playing fetch and don’t mind playing it all on my own.

Mom says that she loves that I can keep quiet while she does things around the house or when she wants to just read quietly for a little while.  She thought it was super easy to clean since it is dishwasher safe (just turn off the heated drying cycle). She cannot wait to see how else she can challenge me when stuffing the Kong.

If you are looking for a fun way to eat part of your dinner or just a snack, I would highly recommend getting a Kong.  If you do get one, we would love to know what you decide to stuff it with. I am always looking for new ideas.

If you are ready to put a Kong in your shopping cart, click here to pick out the classic Kong, here for the Kong for puppies, here for the senior Kong, and here for the tough chewers.

Once you have your Kong picked out, don’t forget to look at all the great stuff you can put inside your Kong. You can find those items here.

While you are on’s website, make sure you look at everything else they have to offer. They have pretty much everything a puppers could want.


**********We received this product at no cost to us in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are mine and mine alone**********




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