Hey all! It’s Icky Kitty, aka Bater. I really wish I could just get rid of that name, but alas everyone knows me as Icky Kitty and not my given name of Bater, even though the vet thought I was named Baxter.  I guess they never had a kitty named Bater before. Always has to be a first for something. It is a good name and one that people like to wonder about.  Long story short, my parents were rhyming words and mom said Bater and it was decided that I would be named that. They may be weird, but they love me lots.

Lily told you all about those tasty treats she got to try out and even showed off her St. Patrick’s Day look. I have a green and white top hat. I don’t look nearly as fancy as she did, but I look pretty darn cute.

Back Camera

It is a pretty old picture. I look so young!

This month, I got to pick out something to test out! I might be a little picky when it comes to food, I will straight up refuse to eat if I decide I don’t like a food anymore. I don’t back down. Well apparently the cat food world heard about my pickiness and created a food for cats just like me!  I am testing out a super pawsome cat food called Fussie Cat.


Mom joked they named the food after me. HA HA. It comes in three varieties. Chicken and Turkey, Salmon and Chicken, and Salmon. They also have a large variety of canned food. I am a poultry kind of guy, so I picked out Chicken and Turkey. It comes in a 2, 4, or 10 lb bag.


Fussie Cat dry food is grain free if that is something that you are looking for in a cat food. If you look at the ingredients, you will see meat at the first ingredient. Fussie Cat knows that cats are carnivores and meat is something we like and need. Did you know that kitties lack the digestive enzymes to break down incomplete plant proteins? This basically means that we have a much easier time eating meat, then a salad. We need that meat to thrive. Fussie Cat delivers when it comes to providing protein.

The Chicken and Turkey flavor has 36% protein, which far greater than the 20% protein we need in a meal. My kind of food! It is made right here in the USA  with only the finest ingredients in a FDA approved kitchen that also produces human grade food. It is potato free as well as grain free, so it is a great option if your kitty has allergies.

The first time mom put the food in my bowl,  I went after it like I had been starved for days. The pieces are small so they are easy to eat.


The bowl contains way more than the 2/3 cup per day that is recommended for my weight, but we wanted to make sure detail was shown.

My food gets set up on the counter because Lily would eat my food if I did not eat it all in one setting. Throughout the night, mom can hear me and my brofurs jumping up to eat. We each make as different sound as we jump down from the counter. I have a thump when I jump down, Sam usually hisses when he jumps down, and Baby gets chased off by Lily when he jumps down. Based on the noises she heard, she could tell that the three of us had each eaten the Fussie Cat overnight. When she looked in the bowl in the morning, it was almost empty!

It was a hit with all three of us. Fussie cat certainly lives up to its name. Baby and Sam really aren’t big on dry food, but they could not stay away from the Fussie Cat! Our coats are looking super shiny and they are super soft. I really like this food and have not shown any signs that I will reject it as my daily food. Which is a very good thing.

You might wonder how a human can tell when a cat likes their food other than the food being eaten? Well, I let mom know I want more food by running to the hall closet and meowing. I meow and scratch until she opens up the closet and gets my food out. I know the food is kept in there and I  want her to  know that that the food in my bowl is getting low and I want more.

I like that it is tasty and it is catered to picky kitties like me. They test out their food by feeding it to pets and seeing what they think. They make sure that cats actually want to eat the food they make. Why bother making a food, if your taste testers just turn their nose up at it? It makes mom feel better about feeding me Fussie Cat knowing that they only want to provide the best possible food for me. It is one thing to have a food that is healthy for us, but it is equally important that it is also tasty.

I am happy to say that I give this four paws up. Sam and Baby also give their approval. Although, I think they wish I would leave them more to nibble on. Eat your own food fuzzballs!

Look at me go! Not even taking a break. It is that tasty. I highly recommend this food to any kitty that is as picky as I am.

If you want to see all the products that Fussie Cat has to offer, then click here.

While you are there, look at everything else that Chewy.com has. They have like everything a pup or kitty could want.


******************* We received this product at no cost to us in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts are mine and mine alone**********************




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