Being Picky has its Perks

Hey all! It's Icky Kitty, aka Bater. I really wish I could just get rid of that name, but alas everyone knows me as Icky Kitty and not my given name of Bater, even though the vet thought I was named Baxter.  I guess they never had a kitty named Bater before. Always has to … Continue reading Being Picky has its Perks

Wild Boar? How about Wildly Delicious!

Hey all! It is March and spring is on its way. That means more walkies, more park trips, and St. Patrick's day. Mom and dad have Irish ancestors, so I get to celebrate the guy who according to legend got rid of those pesky snakes in Ireland. How is my look? Too much? This month … Continue reading Wild Boar? How about Wildly Delicious!