As it gets closer to the fall months, I want to eat something that is hearty, filling, and makes me feel all warm inside. A good stew does just that. This month I had lots to choose from to test out. I have quite a few treats, so we decided to go with a nice canned food. Whole Earth Farms has dry and wet food for both cats and us dogs. The canned food I picked out to try is Hearty Chicken Stew, which is grain free, just in case that is important to you. The important part to us is the ingredients and the fact it is made right here in the USA.


I see canned food and I start sticking my tongue out and all I want is a taste of whatever is inside. A girl needs canned food here and there because dry kibble just gets boring. Wet food is more of a treat for me than a dinner. I have been known to go on a hunger strike until a can is served to me again. It does not go over well sometimes.

Mom let me take a look at it before she put it in my bowl. Full of yummy chicken chunks, carrots, and my nemesis….peas. I am not a fan of peas. I will eat them last with the hopes that they will just disappear out of my bowl. Never happens, I still hold out hope though.


Mom looks at labels way more on my food, treats, chews, etc, than she looks at her own food. If there are certain ingredients in my food, she will not purchase them.If you look at the ingredients on this food you would see that the first one is deboned chicken. Mom and dad both eat that every time they buy a rotisserie chicken! Who wouldn’t want a nice tasty chicken for dinner?  It also contains tasty chicken broth, and plenty of veggies.


You can see those big chunks of chicken, carrots, and the very fibrous, but icky peas. (I know that I should really give peas a chance, but I do not like them!) If mom does not have to eat broccoli, then I should not have to eat peas. just saying. There is a good amount of gravy so each bite of food is covered in deliciousness. It was very tasty and I was excited when a couple days later, mom let me have another can.

I prefer the chunky style food over a pate. i like the chunks of meat and veggies I can see. Plus, mom feels the chunky ones are easier to put into a bowl! I gobbled this up and kept licking the bowl.Licking the bowl repeatedly is a sure sign that I enjoyed the meal.

If you want to see this pup in action eating this yummy food then click here!

I give this food 4 paws up! If you are looking for a quality food that is also priced decently, then look no further. Try out Hearty Chicken Stew. You can find this and other Whole Earth Farm products at Be sure to check out everything they have to offer. Food, treats, dental chews, and more!!



*************** this  product was provided to me by at no cost in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts on this and any other products I try are mine and mine alone***************

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