Now I have never been down south, but I have heard that the food down there is delicious. This month, I saw that I could try some canned food from Blue Buffalo called Bayou Blend with real Alligator and Catfish!!! I am quite fond of canned food, so I decided to take a chance on a new protein  and brand of food and test it out.

Mom and dad are very picky about food when it comes to me. I am only allowed the best quality food out there. Who would want to eat a food where the first ingredient isn’t a quality protein?  There are so many foods out there where corn or a  meat by product is the first ingredient listed. I am a carnivore, I am a descendant of the mighty wolf!! When is the last time you saw a wolf pick an ear of corn over a nice filet mignon?

Blue Buffalo Bayou Blend has alligator, chicken, catfish, turkey, and shrimp. Who know they could put so many different kinds of proteins in one can?  They have zero by products, corn, wheat or soy. It also contains potatoes and peas. So I do get some veggies with my meat. I am a meat and potatoes kind of pup.


I really love canned food, whenever I see a can in mom or dads hand, I go nuts! I get dry food pretty much all the time. I get canned food as a special treat, when someone forgets to order my food, or if I go on a dry food strike and mom pops open a can to make sure I eat (that last one is totally on purpose, I know she wont let me starve and knows canned food is something I cannot resist).

So, the day we decided to test out Bayou Blend, my ears perked up when I saw the can. I tried to be patient while she took a couple of pictures, but I wanted the good stuff! Finally the top was popped off and the smells were amazing. I was jumping and prancing around. I wanted to try that new food, but she wanted even more pictures once it was in my bowl. (my regular bowl, thank dog)


See all that good stuff? Yep, having to wait to start eating was very hard. However I am a well trained pup who knows the word WAIT. My least favorite word next to bath.  It was very tasty. I barely stopped to breathe. It was lick the bowl over and over again good. Mom can tell how much I like a canned food by how many times I go back to the bowl to see if I can lick anything else off the empty bowl. It was three times.  I had to pat myself on the back for that one. My record is 4 times, but that is for my regular brand.

This is my first time having canned food from Blue Buffalo. I am hoping to try more. I love my regular food, but having a protein they don’t make is a good thing. Variety is the spice of life right? I give this four paws up. Mom thought it was stinky, she hates all seafood though, so no surprise there. I even got to have a second can the next night. I ate that one just as fast! If you are looking to try an exotic dinner, look no further. Try some Bayou Blend from Blue Buffalo. You can find this and many other pawsome products at

You can watch a video of me here going all wild for some good ole southern food.


*************This product was given to me at no cost by in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts are mine and mine alone************


2 thoughts on “Having a feast down in the Bayou

  1. Thank you for your review! We’ve not tried Blue Buffalo canned food in the past, but we’re always on the lookout for new things to try with miss picky eater Meadow. The catfish-alligator combo is certainly interesting….


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