I am on a total Wellness kick! I really love their treats, so no surprise, that I chose another Wellness product to review this month. I am actually out of my Wellness treats because some strange dog broke into my home, ate them all, then left the empty  torn bag to frame me. Mom was not happy about that one, but she was happy that because they are low calorie and very limited ingredients, I did not have tummy issues and do a number 2 in the house. Yay? Strange thing to be happy about, but hoomans are weird.

Anyhoo, this month I tested out Wellness Petite Treats. They come in four different varieties. I tried out the Lamb, Apple, and Cinnamon ones. They are 4 kcal/piece. If you have read my other posts, you know the struggle I am dealing with currently. My daily treats must be in the single digits. Mom and dad prefer 5 or under, but will go up to 9 kcal per treat. I have yet to get weighed at the vet again, so how well I am doing, remains a mystery since my last 1.2 lb weight loss.


These are soft treats and the packaging says over 100 treats per bag! That is a lot of treats. Some of the other flavors have over 150 treats per bag!

I am pretty used to Wellness treats now, so the moment I was offered one, I ate it up and was looking for another one. The package says for small breed dogs, but lets face it, when you are a big dog and have to lose weight, you need the small low cal ones. I really loved these treats. They have everything I want in a treat, yummy protein, a little spice, and my favorite fruit. They are great also for training. I am hoping to get to try the other three flavors!


The treats are grain free, wheat free,  and free of any of the fake stuff that no one can pronounce. It does contain yummy ingredients that are tasty and  has flaxseed which keeps my coat looking shiny and pretty.

These treats are so yummy that even one of my kitty brothers tried to steal one. I may have given him a very short GRRRRR to which I was told to be nice to my brother if I ever want another toy ever again. (empty threats).

You can find this and a lot of other great treats, food, and toys at Chewy.com

Below is a link to a vine video of me being a gentle pup while taking a Wellness Petite Treat  from mom.

Mary had a little lamb and it was very tasty.



****************I was given this product at no charge to me, in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts, pictures, ideas, tail wags, paws, and stuff are solely my own and my thumbs that type this up for me****************

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