I happen to really love treats, mom and dad really love to make me use that noggin of mine. We met somewhat in the middle by putting treats in this treat puzzle that Chewy sent me to test out. Since I have to work for low calorie treats, I am starting to think I am getting the short end of the stick. Not even the good kind of stick I like chewing on either!


I got to test out Outward Hounds Doggy Blocks. We really like their products. Doggy Blocks has a difficulty level of  3! My Star puzzle was a 1, the Kibble Drop puzzle I tested out a few months back was a 2. I’m starting to think that my pawents think I need to be challenged more! This one was tough to figure out at first. It has four blocks that need to be removed to get to the good stuff, then after those are gone, you need to move the disc to get to four more treat pockets! That disc can be tightened to increase difficulty.


Mom set it down, but at first  I was more interested in the bag of treats she had! We used Wellness Pure Rewards jerky treats. They are small and are low calorie so mom does not feel bad about putting 8 treats in there (I think she actually tore some in two). She set it on the floor and let me do my thing.

I tried to use my paw to move the boxes, but that did not work out for me. It was time to use those giant chompers I have. It took a few tries for me to be able to grab a hold of the block and move it out of the way.


You can see  that I have successfully removed the blocks and revealed the extra treat pockets! They have the holes in the disc and the blocks to help us use our sniffer and smell those treats.

Special note to the hoomans: This puzzle will get all slimy from our slobber, don’t get all grossed out when you pick up a block covered in slobber. We figured the puzzle out, deal with it!

Well after playing with it a few times, I give it three paws up. It had the right amount of difficulty for me to be challenged the first time, but I remembered what to do, so I got to the treats pretty quick the next time around.

Here is a pawsome video of yours truly removing blocks and getting the good stuff!



********************This product was provided to me free of charge in exchange for an honest review. All opinions and thoughts are mine and mine alone and of my hooman who provides the thumbs and other fingers to write my review.  You can find this product and lots of other great items at Chewy.com************************************


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