This month I decided to test out Good Dog Blueberry Cobbler Dog Treats from Sojos. I do love my treats and I only dropped 1.2 pounds since the last vet visit, so treats are still being restricted. What is great about these is that they are very tiny,  low calorie (3.42 calories per treat),  and perfect for those training sessions my hoomans insist I need to keep doing to remain well trained.

They are so small, that I look like a Great Dane next to these things!


The first time I got to try one, I did drop it right on the floor. I can be very weird when it comes to new treats, I will sniff it and push it around, lick it a few times, then eat it. After I did my investigation, I  gobbled it up and begged for another one! Since that time, I  have eagerly accepted a treat every time.

Sojos Blueberry Cobbler treats are pretty tasty. I can have two or three of them, instead of just one of those high calorie ones. The tail is wagging when mom or dad gets the bag out. They did have to put it in a resealable bag as it did not come in one, and we prefer to keep the treats as fresh as possible.

On to the stuff that matters, well matters to the hoomans that buy us stuff! It contains only natural ingredients. The blueberry ones contain Oat flour, rolled oats, blueberries, canola oil, vanilla, eggs, honey. Did you notice, that every ingredient can be pronounced without any issues, and there is a good chance you probably have most of those ingredients in your house right now?  Yep, that is a very good reason to buy these. No crazy artificial stuff and they are made in the USA!

They do come in 4 other flavors. Chicken Pot Pie, Shepherds Pie, Apple Dumpling, and Peanut Butter and Jelly. Those all sound pretty good to me and they contain nothing artificial either!

I give these four paws up. I love them and am glad that I have another low calorie treat that is yummy and good for me!

You can find these treats and a lot of other great stuff at

Watch a vine video here of me enjoying one of these pawsome treats!

*******************I was given this product at no cost to me in exchange for an honest review, all opinions are mine and mine alone********************


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