When I went to the vet back in November, The vet said I looked great, but I had put on a few extra pounds. I am a lady and saying things about my weight is so not cool. Mom figured a few extra walks, trips to the park, and cutting down treats would help. It did not. Fast forward 4 months,  I had to get my bath and have toe thefts (hoomans, FYI in doggy world we call nail clipping toe thefts) and mom decided to go to the vet and have it done. Well she weighed me and apparently I put on 3 more pounds. I did not lose one stinking pound.

This put my hoomans into full on diet mode. I was cut off from all table scraps, my food was changed to a healthy weight recipe (thank dog it is still my same food company), and my treats were drastically cut off and any treat that was double digits were given to family and friends.

This brings us to right here right now. When looking over products to review this month, we (meaning my strict, little to no treat giving parents) looked for one that was low calorie, but would still be something I would like.We discovered Wellness Pure Rewards, they are grain free treats. The ones I got are 5 calories per treat, so I can have a few of those instead of just one of my other favorite treats when doing my weekly training sessions or just because I am a good princess .

There are six different flavors and I got to try the Turkey Jerky flavor. If turkey is not your thing, Chewy  has 5 other flavors on their website  you can choose from. They are very soft and easy to eat. They have zero artificial ingredients, no wheat or corn, no meat by products. Per the norm, this makes my parents happy. If hoomans can have treats that don’t contain awful stuff, why not do the same for us dogs?

One bite treats is what is on the bag and they are right. I just wish I got to have more than a few at a time! They are a great training treat, but for some of us weight challenged dogs, it gives us a chance to have a tasty treat that is low in calories. Most jerky treats are tough or really chewy. These are very soft. I like soft treats. My teeth are pretty good, but I like having an easy to eat treat and not having to chew and chew to eat one little piece of jerky.

I would give these treats 4 paws up. I keep begging for more, but until the scale reads under 50 pounds, my treats are limited. IMG_8852I hope some other pups on here try the other flavors and share their thoughts.

Remember, these treats are treats, they are not meant to replace a meal, also always provide fresh water, so we can have a nice cool drink after a yummy snack.

Check out this pawsome video of me snacking on my Wellness Pure Rewards Jerky treat.

MMMMM Jerky Treats

***************I received these treats at no cost to me in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine and mine alone.***********************

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