This  month I got to test out some pawsome dental chews from Zukes. I absolutely love their products. They have a full range of products. Some of my favorites are their Lil Links which are tasty sausages and their Mini Naturals, which work great as training treats. Today though is all about the dental chews. I have a great smile and that does not come easy. When I was given the opportunity from to test out some, my tail was wagging and my smile was huge when I found out they were made by Zukes.

They have different flavors. They come in Berry, Apple, and  Carrot. You can find them here Z-Bones  They are very tasty and come in multiple sizes. I got to try out the Crisp Apple flavor , regular sized for dogs my size (I’m 51 lbs) . As with anything new, I approach it with caution. I like to give it a few licks and sniffs before I start chewing. After I did my inspection, I went after the chew with a fury.  I loved it. It has a great flavor (I love snacking on apples and having an apple flavored treat makes it that much better).  The chew is hard enough that it takes me time to break off the pieces and have the chew do its intended purpose.

The hoomans like this treat because it is made in the USA, which is something that they are very picky about for products that will be going into my tummy.

I like this treat because it helps to keep my breath smelling pretty, my teeth looking good, and it is made with stuff that wont upset my tummy.

I give this product 4 paws up. You and your pup will not be disappointed.


Remember though,  keep an eye on us when we have any chewing material. Got to keep us sweet  pups safe!



This product was provided to me free of charge for an honest review. All opinions are that of mine and my hoomans.


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