When I was adopted, the shelter said I was a Lab Retriever/Mix. I looked like a lab when I was a tiny pup, then my ears started to stand  up. They do not stand up all the time, sometimes they bend at the tip or if I am being a naughty pup, they go down flat. Which is totally not all that often! My vet said I might have some shepherd in me. I knew I was a mutt and was okay with that.

The humans decided that for my 3rd birthday, I would have my DNA tested to see what kind of dog I was. The test most people use on their dogs is Wisdom Panel It can test mutts like me and figure out what breeds they are. Humans test their pups for all sorts of reasons. They might want it done for behavioral purposes, training purposes, or just to know. Mine were just curious.

Mom ordered the test from Amazon and Dad was the one that had to swab my mouth. I could not have any food or water for a little while before I was swabbed, so the test results would not get messed up.I was not informed beforehand that food would be withheld!  I could have easily starved. I was given a treat after the swabbing was completed. It kind of made up for the trauma I had to endure. The swabs were then sent off to the company so the lab could test my DNA.

Mom got the email that my results were in and my report was ready. She quickly opened the report and was shocked. She was in total disbelief. I had zero lab and zero shepherd in me. She never once considered any of the breeds that I actually am. What am I, you ask?

Well I am an Akita, English Toy Spaniel, Standard Poodle Mix. Dad likes to call me a Poospanita.

lily dna report

So, I am quite the mix! They also send this cool thing, that said what the other possible breeds could be.

lily other dna

Mom was still in shock that I had zero lab in me. She got worried that maybe my results got mixed up with another dogs! She knew that was not the case, but to ease her mind, she emailed the lab and asked them about me. They were kind enough to run a DNA profile of a lab against mine. Well guess what? I had zero common markers with a lab. My red dot was way far away from the dots of the labs DNA. So it was final. I did not have any lab in me, but was a very cool mix of some very cool breeds.

Did you know that Wisdom Panel does a guess the breed each week on Facebook? Yours truly was featured back in August. They guessed all kinds of breeds! Doxies, Lab, Shepherd,  Pit (wtd??) I do not look anything like an American Staffordshire Terrier! A, and so many other breeds. A few people guessed the Akita in me! The winner gets to donate a DNA test to the shelter of their choice. It was lots of fun seeing peoples guesses. They warned the humans I was a tough one. They weren’t kidding!

So there you have it, I am the ultimate mutt and proud of it.

dog park lily

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