My name is Lily, sometimes I’m called Lily Doodles,

I was born August 10th. I was in two shelters before I was adopted. It sounds bad, but no worries because I was pretty young when I found my hoomans. My Alma mater Wayside Waifs was having a half off adoption even. My hoomans wanted to find a dog and decided to look and see what dogs were available. Mom remembers seeing me online and thought I was pretty adorable. Dad was hoping for a golden retriever. Which I am not. That is another story for another day.

They walked around and saw all the puppies and older dogs that were looking for homes. They saw me and mom was smitten. They actually passed me by!  They wanted to look at all the dogs first. Mom dragged dad back to my kennel and wanted to play with me and see how I was. One of the shelter attendants took me out and let mom and dad play with me. I was quite the roly poly puppy and wiggled out of moms  arms and might have fallen. She was kneeling so I did not get hurt!

Dad asked about how long they can hold a dog while the two talked about making a big change at the house with adding a puppy.  The shelter people said only 2 hours, because of the special event. Mom used her own puppy dog eyes and convinced dad that I was the one for them. They took me away while mom and dad got all the paperwork filled out. When they brought me back to mom and dad, I had a name, a collar, a leash, and most importantly I had a furever home.

It felt like an eternity going to my new house. I got to meet my three cat brothers and my grandma. Mom left and went to the store to buy me my dishes, some treats, and the start of all my toys.

I live a good life. I love my hoomans and I really love my toys.


lily puppy

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